6 Ways You Can Hire Employees Who “Do It Right The 1st Time”

Companies using pre-employment tests I devised want to hire the best. They want to hire employees who will be

1. highly productive

2. low turnover

Summary: They want to hire the best.

So,6 Ways You Can Hire Employees Who “Do It Right The 1st Time” Articles I tell them about something I saw.


I was in a restaurant with a company 룸알바 was holding its holiday party. The company hired a DJ from a radio station be master-of-ceremonies (MC) at the event. For entertainment, the MC ran many contests – each one involving five or so employees standing on a little stage to compete in fun and funny competitions.

After each contest, the MC announced the winner and everyone clapped. Then, the MC interviewed the winning employee a little, and awarded a prize.

Well, I particularly remember one employee who won a contest. The MC jumped on-stage, and asked the winner, “What do you do?” – meaning what is your job title.

But, that employee did not say his job title.

Instead, the employee smiled – and proudly replied, “I do it right the first time!”

The MC looked puzzled. He did not know what to make of that answer. So, he asked again, “What do you do?”

Again, that employee proudly answered, “I do it right the first time!”

Wow. That is a fantastic employee. He defined himself by doing perfect work “the first time” – and not by his job title. As far as he was concerned, his actual job is to “do it right the first time.”